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Productie | Dentale microscopen

Planning and design

Design department is engaged in the development and construction of units and design of «Scaner» medical devices, which consists of more than 1000 original items.

Qualified engineers develop mechanics of nodes, optical calculation, they design electric circuits and other components of our products.

Construction of parts is made in 3D with the help of professional CAD modeling system, which helps to prevent any probable inaccuracies on the development stage, making the process efficient and allows to create a unique, ergonomic and user-friendly design of the equipment

Planning and design 1
Planning and design 2

Manufacturing of details

The area of machining.

Manufacture of parts by means of modern high-precision turning and milling machining centers is maintained by highly qualified specialists.


Control of the accuracy of manufacturing is carried out by certified measuring instruments.


Locksmith area.

Locksmith services: bending, production of threaded holes, trimming of parts, etc.


CNC sector.

Production of parts in modern metal-working centers.


Laser sector.

Computer cutting of sheet metal by laser beam

Manufacturing of details 8
Manufacturing of details 1
Manufacturing of details 2
Manufacturing of details 3
Manufacturing of details 4
Manufacturing of details 5
Manufacturing of details 6
Manufacturing of details 7
Manufacturing of details 12.
Manufacturing of details 14

The protective coating and painting

Painting shop


Application of anticorrosion coatings on the details: anodizing, chemical oxidation, decorative enamel powder coating.

The enamel is applied to the details and polymerized in an oven at a temperature of + 200C. The polymer composition of the paint used in our production, provides uniform coverage of details and resistance to chemical solvents and mechanical damage.

The protective coating and painting
The protective coating and painting 2
The protective coating and painting 3
The protective coating and painting 4

Assembling, installation

The assembly area.

Assembly of devices and their units out of the prepared components. Each unit after assembly goes through thorough adjustment.


Optical Laboratory.

With special stands and devices assembly and alignment of optical systems of our equipment are fulfilled. In addition, final control of finished devices and testing of new advanced optical designs are held here.


Room for cleaning optics.

Dark room with a vestibule and an autonomous system microparticle and dust extraction, where all optical parts are thoroughly cleaned with special solutions. Cleaning is carried out manually.


Electrical assembly area.

Installation of electrical devices and conductive parts of the unit

Assembling, Instalation 1
Assembling, Instalation 2
Assembling, Instalation 3
Assembling, Instalation 4

Control and mechanical inspection

Quality of our product is controlled at all stages of the life cycle: from the collection of information, formulation of technical tasks and design development, to packaging and servicing of finished medical equipment.


Qualification of our staff and experience on the instrument-making enterprises allow them to control the accuracy and quality of their work by themselves.


Devices go through acceptance tests and regular periodic tests that confirm their compliance with the standards, specifications and regulations on medical devices.

Control and mechanical inspection 1
Control and mechanical inspection 2

Package and storage

For the packaging of medical devices we use special foamed polyethylene, which fixes the product in the transport package and protects it from possible damage during transportation. The completeness of each package before sending is recorded and documented photographically.



That is why, any package errors are excluded. Warehouse. Ready-packaged products are stored in a special room with controlled environmental conditions. Installed in warehouse thermohygrometers allow us to control the temperature and the required humidity.

Package and storage 1
Package and storage 2
Package and storage 3

Delivery, instalation

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