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Dental microscope Wallstand - Microscope

Dentale microscoop SCANER Fluorescence

Innovation and Quality


  • Fluorescence mode: you can visualize caries calculus plaque efficiently. This allows you to preserve as much healthy dentine as possible

  • All lenses and prisms are made of glass Schott (Germany)

  • IP64 protection against dust, splashing and spraying water from any angle in the lighting and optics

  • One finger easy control with one finger of all the functions of the optical head, without taking your hands off the microscope handle and without taking your eyes off the eyepieces.

  • Smart Light a system of automatic regulation of illumination while changing magnification. You will not be dazzled by the excess of light at low magnifications and the light adjustment will not distract you. 

  • Power cables are concealed in the microscope carrier

  • Ergonomic Working - 60° ergonomic binocular adapter with 20/80 optical channel divisor!!!

  • Inclinable binocular tube 0-180°

  • Integrated Fan-less LED illumination  without disturbing fan noises  f=250 mm 105.000 lux

  • Light spot diameter Ø70 mm

  • LED lighting turns on automatically when you are in your work area

  • 5-step apochromatic magnification changer

  • Optical magnification f=250 mm 3x, 5x, 9x, 14x, 22x

  • Ergonomic Working - Vario-objective 200-400 mm. The continuous working range of 200-400 mm eliminates the need to move either the microscope of the patient up or down in order to achieve a clear image. Assuming the correct sitting posture is much easier as a result of this, staving off rapid exhaustion but also neck and back problems.

  • Wide-angle eyepieces 12,5 H with increased removal of exit pupil

  • Super balance arm

  • Orange filter for modeling photosensitive composite materials

  • Green filter for increasing the contrast between blood and tissue

  • 2 USB ports with power supply 12V in the Microscope carrier for powering photo and video accessories

  • Power consumption 17 W

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Orange Filter
Fluorescence Mode
Green Filter
SCANER Calipso Flourescence - dental mic

U krijgt bij aflevering een uitgebreide instructie hoe te werken met de microscoop. U kunt hierna zelfstandig met behulp van de microscoop patiënten behandelen.